Friday, November 29, 2013

A bumper year for fish

Whilst a lot of local industry has suffered during the economic downturn, the fishermen have gone from strength to strength. 2013 will go down as record year for them as they netted 6.6 million euros worth of fish more than doubling the 2.4 million euros that were caught last year.

Catches of anchovy, frigate tuna and mackerel have made Torevieja the most important port in the Mediterranean for these species. In particular the fishermen brought in nearly two thousand tons of anchovies, which many had thought were on the decline. They also captured one million euros worth of sardines.

The problem now is that the port facilities are becoming woefully inadequate. The fishermen badly need a larger area in which to operate. However, they are competing with a growing market for sport and leisure craft. They say that, even the new West dam will be too small for them. 

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