Monday, November 18, 2013

Ooops, missed that out

The budget for Bigastro 2013, as presented by the PP, showed figures of 3,711,079 of revenue against 3,624,462 expenditure leaving a surplus of 86,617 euros. That is good news and shows that the town has managed to curb its spending to stay in line with income.

Unfortunately the Town Clerk has found some anomalies in the accounts which make the figures a little less rosy.

For example, there is an allocation of 120,000 euros set aside this year against bills of 165,000 – the remainder will have to be included in a future year’s budget. And then there is the issue of the multi storey car park at La Paz for which the council still owe 982,086 euros. This is the building that was constructed in 2008.

Although the accounts show amounts set aside for interest payments and expenses to suppliers, the tax and Social Security payments are not included nor is the repayment of a loan of 5,784 euros from 2010.

The largest problem for the town though are the loans that the council has taken out from various banks; CAM, Caja Rural, Bankia, Banco Popular and Cajamurcia  which amount to 8,658,995 euros. Added to that, the council have credit facilities of 762,500 euros that are due to be paid. 

Presenting a simple expenditure against income budget and hoping that will pull the wool over people’s eyes clearly hasn’t worked.

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