Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It all finishes this weekend

Untitled-1 October was the warmest on record. The good weather continued into November but that will all come to an end this week according to the State Agency for weather.

The wind is changing direction and that will cause a drop in temperatures to somewhere around 20C (maybe even lower). At the same time, the sky will fill with clouds and we can expect heavy rain on Thursday or Friday.

For the farmers of citrus fruit, the warm weather in October has been a curse. The demand for oranges increases when we have a drop in temperatures as people take to consuming Vitamin C to ward off colds. Added to that, citrus fruit need cold weather to mature and develop their desirable sweetness.

The clothing market has also suffered because people are still going around in shorts and T-shirts rather than setting out to buy warmer clothing for autumn.

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