Monday, November 11, 2013

Could it get any better?

Pam and I have iPad 4s which we use for Internet browsing, reading and sending emails and most important, to view BBC iPlayer programs on our TV via an Apple TV box.

When we first got the iPads (Pam already had an iPad 2) I made the mistake of downloading the aps. that Pam used from iCloud rather than the aps. store.  Once that was sorted out, our iPads have worked flawlessly. I really like the new version of iOS. However,  Pam does have issues with the Control Centre appearing every time she swipes up from the bottom of the screen. 

When we first bought the Apple TV box, the picture did stutter as the internal buffer filled up but that problem has been sorted with software upgrades. Now, when we want to watch the iPad on our TV, it is simple process - select the correct source on the TV and turn Airplay on.  Streamed video is then transmitted from the iPad to our wireless router and from there it follows the household wiring to the TV.

Having what many regarded as the best tablet computers on the market, it was hard to believe that Apple could improve upon the design but they just did. According to all the reviews, the new iPad Air is thinner, lighter, faster and comes with free productivity software. Reducing the bezel  by 16% and making the case 10% thinner has resulted in a 28% weight loss – remarkable. Although the new battery has less capacity, it still runs for over 10 hours between charges because of the new energy efficient processor.

You know, Apple has its detractors but even they must be in awe of the achievements that the company has made with its products. I reckon it is only a matter of time before we refer to mobiles as iPhones and tablets as iPads in the same way that we talk of a vacuum cleaner as a Hoover and a ballpoint pen as a Biro.     

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