Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh joy of joys

Anyone who has visited Trafico in Alicante will tell you what a mind numbing experience it was. We went twice, once to change our driving licenses from British to Spanish and the second time to sort out Pamela’s license which had somehow got lost in the system. Since then, we have renewed our licenses without having to return to Alicante.

Upon arriving at Trafico, you joined a queue to make an appointment, then you joined a queue to pay. At that point you got a number and sat down and waited and waited and waited for your number to come up on the board. Once your number appeared, which was several hours later, you had a few minutes to go to the allocated window otherwise you lost your turn.

All that has changed now. Instead, you make an appointment on the Internet or by phone. For those with limited Spanish, the website is the better choice.

On the website click on, 'Cita previa Trámites' and choose the service you require. Then you fill in your personal data. The next screen offers you the available times and dates to choose from. Note that you can only make an appointment up to ten days in advance. Confirm your appointment and away you go.

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