Friday, December 13, 2013

An important crop for the area

Vitalgrana is Europe's largest facility producing pomegranate juice. This year, the factory in Catral, has produced about 600,000 litres of their one hundred percent natural product made ​​from fruits of mollar variety.

The company has already expanded its production to making jams, Omega 5 based antioxidant pills, different cosmetics and has increased it turnover by tenfold  in just three years. Management expects that, during the next financial year, a turnover of close to five million euros will be reached.

The manager of the company, Manuel Esclápez, says that this season they have processed 1.5 million kilos pomegranates grown in the Baix Vinalopó and Vega Baja -  two regions that account for 90% of the production of this fruit in the European continent.

The company has already started exporting to different countries including the Middle East, Japan and many other European states. Their goal is to continue increasing these exports,  opening up new markets and continuing their commitment to quality and innovation.

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