Monday, December 16, 2013

Catching up with the 21st century

The systems of the Traffic Department here in Spain have been slowly catching up with the 21st century. It is estimated that out of every 400,000 vehicles in circulation there are 2,462 or 6% without a current ITV (equivalent of the MOT in Britain). The owners of these vehicles can expect to receive a letter shortly urging them to rectify the situation.

DGT are also concerned about the large number of vehicles over 10 years old on the roads that have neither a valid ITV nor insurance.

One of the measures that they are adopting is to check whether cars caught speeding by radar traps have a valid ITV certificate. Those caught this way, face a fine of 200 euros (reduced to 100 if it is paid within 15 days). If the car has failed an ITV, then the fine increases to 500 euros. At the same time, cars that are caught speeding will be checked for a valid insurance certificate. The message therefore to those without proper documentation is to avoid being caught by  radar trap.

In my opinion, the unwieldy and slow bureaucratic processes in Spain have led to a lot of people getting away with flouting the law in many different ways ranging from illegal houses to unsafe cars on the roads. Not just at government level but at local council level, laws are passed that are not strictly enforced and people know that. As the country gradually catches up, more and more should feel the hand of the law on their collars.  

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