Friday, December 27, 2013

Off again

It hardly seems like a few days since we were last in England and here we are going again. Since we passed on being there for Christmas, we decided to go for New Year.

When we phoned last night, little Molly wanted to know why we couldn’t be there then. She dearly wanted us to arrive last night. I expect that means she will be pleased to see us this afternoon, eager to know what we might have in our cases for her. We have a few things but nothing to compare with what Santa delivered.

Looking at the weather report, we could be in for a bumpy landing. The wind, that has troubled Britain over the last month, has returned but this time hopefully with less force. For the rest of our stay, it looks like typical Manchester weather, a few bright periods punctuated by rain and heavy skies. It will also be cold but then we do have warm clothes in our cases to comfort us.

Hasta luego amigos.

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