Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Be on your guard

Our neighbour tells me that his house was burgled on Saturday night along with Aurelio’s and three other houses on the estate. He said that the thieves took any gold and money they could find along with items of clothing. They left computers, cameras, televisions etc alone*.

He told me that the thieves did not enter the property by the gates which were left intact which means they must have climbed over a wall. 0nce inside they then found a way into the house via the conservatory.

The police suggested that he should speak to his neighbours, first to find out is anyone had heard anything and secondly to warn them of the possibility of further break ins.

It is hard to imagine what more we can do to secure our properties. Most of us already have locked gates, burglar alarms, grills on windows, security grills on aluminium doors and solid steel front doors with multipoint locks. Compared to the houses we had back in Britain, our Spanish homes are like fortresses.

We have to remember though that these are desperate times for many and desperate people will go to any length to break in to properties.

The advice from the police is to be on your guard, make sure that you lock all your doors and turn on your alarm each and every time you go out. If you hear or see anything suspicious, phone the police straight away.

* That could be because of the route they used to get in and out which would make it difficult to carry large items. It is hard to be sure though because honest people don’t think like thieves. 

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Pete said...

I think the choice of swag might be more down to saleability Keith. There are no serial numbers on clothes, gold can be sold as scrap and cash is pretty universal. Electronic goods, particularly in this age of connected devices, can be easier to trace and thus harder to shift.

When it comes to security there is still only one universal truth that applies. The only way to prevent being broken into is to have nothing worth nicking. :(