Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fingers crossed

10959574_424632194357929_7545821162330890965_n[3]Today we have scheduled the mid year fiesta starting at 11am with an ad hoc band parading the streets followed by free beer from the tractor.

At 1pm there will be a disco in the park followed by paella at 2pm.

At 6:30pm there will be a parade of townsfolk in fancy dress. Then fireworks and a return to the disco in the park.

The big question is, “what will the weather be like?”.

The answer to that is, “nobody really knows!”.

AEMET forecast rain for this morning.  Looking out my window, I can see that we have already had a shower and the sky looks decidedly dismal. The forecast is for the rain to dry up by noon but the sky will stay grey and cloudy. I don’t suppose that will put many of the young in Bigastro off coming out to enjoy a free show.

February is a fickle month in this part of Spain. We can have warm days of sunshine with clear skies followed by a period of heavy cloud and rain. The wind can be a problem as well at this time of year. It is only when we get into April and May that you can generally count on having good weather day after day.

Easter in particular can be a problem. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is late or early, the weather can spoil the scheduled parades.  

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