Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The past haunts him

When Formula 1 racing was brought to Valencia, Valmor Sports that was running it was in trouble so Valencia bought the company for 1 euro and assumed all its debts.The decision was approved by members of the council including the current President, Alberto Fabra, the Vice President, José Ciscar and the Councillor for Infrastructure, Isabel Bonig. The agreement though was signed by Francisco Camps and the former director of Valenciana TV, Lola Johnson.

The case about the legality of this deal is ongoing in Valencia and sixty witnesses have already testified about Fabra’s involvement.

The judge has asked for a delay to clear up some of the facts that might affect an appeal in the case and that poses a problem for Alberto Fabra who is a candidate for the elections in May. He believes that these issues are in the past and that his record over the last three and a half years to clamp down on corruption should be the more important consideration.

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