Sunday, February 01, 2015

Podemos in Madrid

Four years ago, Madrid’s central Puerta del Sol square was taken over by los indignados. It was an impromptu revolt by  thousands who camped out for weeks in a rally rally against the political establishment which they said was out of touch with the people.

Podemos-rally-madrid-008Yesterday, up to 100,000 came again and filled the square showing the world that 2015 would be the year of change for Spanish politics.

Over 260 buses carried people to the march, paid for by a crowdfunding campaign. Hundreds of Madrileños opened their doors to those who needed a bed and others offered free rides back to the far corners of the country for those who had travelled to Madrid. There were no reported incidents of bad behaviour during the rally showing that the people were united for a common purpose.

As the leader of Podemos told the crowd, “Since the economic crisis the number of rich has increased by 27%. That’s the same number who now live at risk of poverty” and asked, “is this economic recovery?”

Having won seats at the European elections, Podemos now face the regional election in poverty stricken Andalusia at the end of March. A win there would spur them on to fight in other regions and in the General Election which must take place before December.  

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