Friday, February 20, 2015

Compulsory game play in Spanish schools

Don’t misunderstand that title, we are not talking about video games here. The compulsory game will be chess.

Courtesy of cross-party support, a resolution was passed in the Spanish parliament to make chess a compulsory subject in schools here.

The move follows a recommendation by the European Parliament and was based on a study at Girona and Lleida universities that showed the educational benefits of the game. Apparently, playing chess improves children’s abilities in maths and reading.

Although I learnt the basics of the game, I was never that good at playing it. Others, who had studied the tactics more closely, could beat me easily. As those who have played will know, you have to be able to think out the consequences of your moves three, four or more steps ahead. I could never get my head around the concept of giving a piece away to gain an ultimate advantage.  

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