Saturday, February 07, 2015

Did I read that right?

In the paper today, I read that the Socialists in Bigastro are suggesting that Charo Bañuls should return the 90,000 euros that she has been paid. They claim that her four years salary was irregular. You will recall that, some time back, Aurelio Murcia claimed that he should be paid the mayor’s salary because he did more work than she did. That resulted in him being dismissed as deputy mayor, ending up with no salary at all from the Town Hall.

Before council elections, British politicians accuse each other of all sorts of things but I don’t recall any of them making the kind of claims that Spaniards do. In Spanish politics, they certainly do not pull punches*.

In another article, the Socialists suggest that Charo Bañuls is again guilty of splitting bills up, They have already spoken about maintenance, this time it is legal advice. According to Medina the same lawyer has been paid over and over again and the total amounts to 88,000 euros. A further 47,000 euros was paid to other lawyers from the same firm.

* A reference to boxing – meaning a fighter does not show any mercy to his opponent.

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