Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The mayor responds to allegations

Charo Bañuls has responded to the allegations made by the the Socialist spokesman Raul Valerio Medina by saying that the contracts for maintenance and repairs in Bigastro have all been above board. In her opinion, the accusations are a smokescreen to cover up the serious cases that have been brought against the Socialists in the town.

Medina talks of corruption, influence peddling, embezzlement of public funds, fraud, negotiations prohibited and illegal financing on the part of the PP. Bañuls counters by saying that he was guilty of malfeasance and fraud in procurement  of services and adds that the bill for advice and lawyers came to 6,000 euros each month during his time as mayor.

We can expect this war of words to continue as we move closer to the local elections this year.

Programme of works

At the same time, Bañuls has taken the opportunity to point out the work that is going on in the Plaza de la Concordia outside the Third Age centre and in the Parque Huerto del Cura.  Thanks to a subsidy of 120,000 euros from the Province of Alicante, these two playground areas are being transformed from their present shabby condition. 

The timing for this work is perfect. Bigastrense voters will no doubt be impressed by the provision of better facilities for their children’s play. Unlike the ill fated granite setts on Calle Purisima, the disastrous fountain in the Town Square and the unnecessary transformation of the road into the town, this work should prove to be a big hit.

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