Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I’m in good company

In the world of photography there are two main camps, those who shoot Canon and those who shoot Nikon. Both cite valid reasons why one system is better than the other. In the end though it is a personal choice between the two.

In my case, I chose Canon when I moved from a consumer camera to a professional one. Since then I have built up a collection of lenses etc and so am now vitually wedded to the system.

As if to validate that decision, I came across this article.

The prestigious World Press Photo contest announced the winning photos of 2014 last week.


Spanish photography website Quesabesde analyzed the EXIF data of the 45 winning shots. 38 of the images contained information about the camera that was used, and the illustration above breaks down the findings.

The sample size is quite small, but we see that the three top camera brands for this year’s contest were Canon, Nikon, and Olympus. 23 of the 38 photos were shot with Canon cameras.

Quesabesde broke down the data even further by separating camera models. Here’s the new graphic that emerges:


We see that the Canon 5D Mark III was the most popular tool used by the winning photojournalists while the Canon 1D X came in second.

It’s an interesting finding because back in 2012, a similar camera breakdown was done for Reuters’ 95 photos of the year. In that contest, the Canon 1D Mark IV (the predecessor of the 1D X) was the most popular, and the Canon 5D Mark II (the predecessor of the 5D Mark III) came in second.

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