Friday, December 16, 2011

Am I glad?

We escaped the British weather on Tuesday, a day that was supposed to be stormy but turned out to be sunny with just a light wind to cool things down.

Since then, things have got worse for Britain and this morning there are heavy snowfalls throughout much of the country. I just got an email from Dave (my daughter's fiancee) with a picture of the tram station. You can see the snow drifting down onto the tracks - not enough to stop the tram to work running but enough to make the journey miserable.

Last year, we visited the UK for Molly's first Christmas and faced some very cold wintery weather with roads covered in snow and ice. We did not want to repeat that experience again this year which is why we chose to visit a little earlier. As it was, we had a mix of sunshine, heavy rain, sleet and a cold biting wind. That was bad enough - snow would have just about seen us off. We don't do snow anymore!

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