Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why do I still get excited?

As a child, Christmas was the most wonderfully exciting time and even as a young adult it was great fun. When we had our children, it became exciting again but now the children are all grown up and somehow it still feels exciting.

There are only two presents under the tree for me of which one of them I already know the contents and yet I still can’t wait to rip that paper off and see what is inside.

Pam and I have a lovely lunch to look forward to and a choral concert tonight but best of all will be chatting with our family and especially Miss Molly on Skype this afternoon. She is not yet two but already knows that ho, ho, ho brings presents to good children. I bet she is downstairs now ripping away at all that paper. I almost wish I was there to see her. 

Anyway, enough of this, you’ve probably all got enough to do without reading anymore. I hope Santa ha been kind to you and that you are enjoying your Christmas.

Best wishes


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