Friday, December 23, 2011

How can that be possible?

It may come as a shock to many of our friends and relatives in the UK to read that this last 12 months has been the driest on record in England and Wales. The situation is apparently so bad that South East Water has sent out letters asking people to take showers rather than baths and not to wash their cars over the Christmas period. One of the reasons for this ban is because South West water miscalculated the amount of water in one its reservoirs – DOH!.

The last time that a ban was imposed in winter was 2003 in the North West. Unless there is substantial rain in the next few months, Britain could face severe water restrictions in spring and summer.

Many of the younger generation will not remember stand pipes in the streets but Pam and I do. Having to go out in your dressing gown to get a jerry can of water for your breakfast cup of tea was not good.  

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