Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where did the money go?

The PP and Liberal Centrist parties have now put further figures on the debt for the town by saying it amounts to 5,000 Euros per person. They say the possibility of having to go to administration like the towns of Moiá in  Barcelona or Alcorcón in Madrid, looms high.

In his defense, the ex mayor says that the socialists acted legally when they were in power. He says that the debt has been over estimated and does not appear on the documents they have been given and adds that the new government team will have to prove the accusations that they have made about him and his government team.

Like all bigastrense, we are at a loss to understand how a small town like ours could be in so much debt. When you look around, it is very hard to see just where that money has been spent. As I have said before, Bigastro is not the smartest place you could find to live; many of the roads are in bad condition, there are derelict plots scattered throughout the town and even the parks and other public places look in need of improvement. The only real evidence of spending is in the public buildings like the Auditorium, the Social Centre,  the Sports Centre and a multi story car park that has only opened for one week since it was built. Is it in those buildings where the 31 million was spent?

When we moved here, we were lead to believe that our urbanisation would be a “smart” place to live. Instead we have graffiti, half finished houses, vacant plots and weeds growing in the park areas. The palm trees in the park where the office used to be have not been “cleaned” since we first arrived. For sure, very little of that massive debt has been spent at Villas Andrea! 

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