Saturday, December 24, 2011

What will you be doing Christmas Day?

Will you be dining with friends and family or enjoying a quiet Christmas at home? Pam and I will be here in Bigastro, out for lunch at La Herradura, carol concert in the evening and hopefully catching up with our granddaughter and family online via Skype.

One thing Pam and I will not be doing is shopping online but according to the Sun newspaper we could well be in the minority. The paper claims that bargain hunters will spend £410 million on Christmas Day and that after the £2 billion they spent yesterday in the shops and a further £2 billion they will be spending today.

The prediction is that 12.5 million people in Britain will log on to the Internet on Christmas Day as many shops start their online sales. Amazingly, 2.6 million are expected to be at their computers between midnight tonight and 6am tomorrow morning hoping to get the first pick of what is on offer. However, the busiest period is predicted to  be between 7pm and 8pm when the children have gone to bed.

Apparently Boxing Day will see even more spending: predictions show that £800 million could be spent on that day online and a further £2.8 billion in the shops.

I well remember photos of queues outside Next in Liverpool at 5am on Boxing Day and thinking those people must be mad. I also remember going to B&Q one Boxing Day hoping to pick up a bargain. I didn’t get there until 10:30am by which time all the shoppers and the bargains had gone!

At 5am on Boxing Day, I will still be sleeping off the special brandy and cigars I’ve bought for Christmas!

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