Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The travelling market

I’m not a fan of markets - especially large ones like that held on Tuesdays in Orihuela. However, I did prefer it in its previous location.

Now, the market needs to be moved again because work on the high speed train line would cause major traffic congestion in the area of the Recinto  Ferial if it was to stay there.

The favoured location is on the streets near to the Ociopia Shopping Mall. However, the Council need permission from the Generalit in Valencia to move there. Several market traders have complained that the area around Ociopia is prone to flooding which maybe why a decision is still forthcoming.

The last authorised date for the market to take place in its present location is the 3rd January. If a decision is not made before the 10th then there will be no market on that day nor in the following weeks until permission is granted.

So far, 300 traders (almost all of the ones who trade at present) have reserved licences for the market in its new location. 

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