Thursday, December 22, 2011

Made it

One of our Spanish friends, Evaristo, asked me when my photos of the book presentation that I took last night would be posted to my blog. I told him they would be there this morning, he said, “before 8:30am?” and I replied, “I hope so”.

News is only news when it is fresh so I do try and get my photos published as soon as possible.

For concerts and fiestas, when there are a lot of photos, this is not always possible because I take my pictures in what is called RAW format. That means that they have not been processed in the camera. Taking pictures in RAW format allows me to make adjustments to colour and brightness that I simply could not make if I took them in the usual Jpeg format. However, processing each RAW image takes time which is why there is sometimes a delay.

This morning though I was up early and at my computer by about 7am. That meant that I could post my story by 8:01 beating my deadline by 29 minutes.

As well as publishing a selection of photos on my blog, I have also sent the full set to my friend Germán at the Ayuntamiento for inclusion in their web album. When he has the opportunity, he will probably publish them for all to see. I have also burnt a set of photos for Lola onto a CD and I have printed her and the family a montage of photos from the event.

So job done and now I can have my breakfast!

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Charles Smythe said...

Well done. Thank you for all of your hard work.