Friday, December 30, 2011

The Royal Letterbox

Santa has elves to help him, the Three Kings have pages. These two were at the market yesterday with their Royal Post-box ready to collect letters to the Reyes Magos from the children of Bigastro.

Once collected, the letters are passed on to the Three Kings who will then deliver presents to the children on the 6th January.

I explained to the two pages that I did not have a letter but they said that did not matter because they had paper on pens at hand for me to write my wishes.

This year I have already been indulgent having bought a new desktop computer followed by a new laptop so I must not be greedy. All I want really for next year is good health and happiness.

Kudos goes to these two volunteers for dressing up and taking time out yesterday to sit in the market for two hours.

PS The guy on the right pops up everywhere, I’ve seen him in church parades, carrying the paso of San Joaquin during the fiestas, serving behind the bar at fairs and of course parading with his comparsa during Fiesta week. A true citizen, he gives a lot back to Bigastro.

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