Thursday, December 01, 2011

Keeping you up to date

I contacted Aurelio Murcia, the councillor for education, last Wednesday regarding the issues that we were having with the Spanish class he had organised for us. He is fully aware of the problems and has asked me to tell all members of the class that there will be no class today.
Aurelio told me this morning that he will try and find a more suitable person to teach us and let me know when that happens.

Since I have heard nothing from our classmate regarding alternative Spanish lessons with Eduardo, I am assuming those will not happen.

I will, of course keep you informed of developments. 


It seems I was wrong, the classes with Eduardo will go ahead on Tuesdays and Fridays and the cost for two hours will be 5 Euros per person. As far as I can gather, three people have already signed up for the classes which will take place in the apartment of one of the members who lives in Jacarilla. As I have said before, Pamela and I will not be taking part.

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jo said...

Thanks Keith for the lovely comment. Hope we get some good photos as both he and his sister have had new cameras. Jack seems to have taken more photographic equipment than clothes for his seven months!