Sunday, April 06, 2014

A long, long day

Pam and I were up early to go and watch the band competition. As I have previously said, there were 6 bands taking part followed by our own band finishing off.

We anticipated a lot of interest in both sessions and were certainly right about the second one which started at 5pm. By the end of that session, the auditorium was packed with folks standing in the aisles.

Each of the bands played a set piece, Fantasia para banda so we heard that six times but each time was different. The bands then played a pasadoble followed by another work of their own choice. There were some interesting choices ranging from those that were easy to listen to to those that included discord. The bands also showed their individual strengths, in percussion, woodwind or brass and of course, they featured solo parts by their choice musicians.

In the end we were not sure who had won because of the uproar by the members of the bands who had gathered in the auditorium for the results. Actually, they all received plaques from the town hall for taking part but we think it was the band from Aspe that came first.  

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