Wednesday, April 02, 2014

They have reached stalemate

The socialists in Bigastro are complaining that the mayor, Charo Bañuls, ignores discussion on their motions to council by simply leaving them out of the agenda for meetings. They claim that seven motions put forward by them have been struck off including those that deal with the modification of taxes and fees. They conclude it is because the mayor knows she would be outvoted by the socialists and the liberals on these sort of issues (they have 8 votes to her 5).

Bañuls  has used reports by the secretary, which show any reductions in taxes and fees would not be possible in the present economic climate, to prevent even a discussion of these issues. However, the socialists counter this by saying that one of their proposals, to use the money saved by expelling the liberal councillors from the governing team to help pay the IBI for needy families, would come at no cost.

The socialists have initiated proceedings in court regarding this issue and will, as a matter of course, oppose all proposals by the PP at council meetings. That means, unless the two UNPLC councillors decide to vote with the PP, nothing will get passed at council meetings. 

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