Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flooded basements

Untitled-1 When Bigastro was a sleepy little town, rain water would have run down the streets and across to the market garden. Once the by pass road was built and housing sprung up on vacant land, they built a canal in the subsoil which is called the Alquibla. In times of heavy rain though, the canal overflows affecting neighbouring properties. This happens about five times a year. flooding garages and underground storage areas.

There have been claims and court convictions against the council since 2011 and over a dozen more are being prepared. Already the council has had to agree payment of 166.88 euros to one neighbour and 856.36 to another to cover the damage to their properties.

The canal affects Calles Murillo, Acequia, Goya and Moreal. This is the reason why the footpath on Calle Acequia was closed two years ago, there is a danger of it collapsing.

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