Saturday, April 12, 2014

Always the threat of rain

Holy Week began last night in the streets of Orihuela with the procession of the Brotherhood of Sorrows accompanied by the band of cornets and drums from Desamparados. This procession is unique in that it is the only one which has people taking the parts of Veronica and Jesus.

Shortly before 9 pm the brothers were looking nervously at the sky and sensibly covered their paso with plastic. The threat of rain continued throughout the procession from the church of Santas Justa y Rufina to the hermitage on the Carretera de Arneva. There were even bolts of lightening as they got to the half way point.

It does not seem to matter whether Easter is late or early, there is always the threat of bad weather which can cause a cancellation of the parades. Some of the parades can be postponed until the next morning but in most cases, they are simply cancelled leaving the people concerned with a year’s work for nothing.

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