Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Benidorm in the future

benidorm-dentro Greenpeace have created photos to show what Benidorm could look like in 2100 if nothing is done to halt climate change.
They say that, without urgent action, there will be a general increase in temperatures between 5 and 8 degrees, a reduction in rainfall and an increase in the intensity and frequency of heat waves.
Their predictions are based on the fact that the Arctic is warming twice as fast as any other place on earth and has lost an area of polar ice three times the size of Spain already. Every centimetre of increase in sea levels equates to a loss of a metre of beach at places like Benidorm. The worst case is that the Arctic melts completely leading to an increase of sea level of 7 metres which would in turn wipe out 700 metres of beach.
Having done the maths, I would have to live to 153 to witness that. Even my youngest daughter would be 118. This is clearly an issue for my grandchildren. 

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