Wednesday, April 09, 2014

No love lost in Bigastro

Disputes between the opposition and the government team in Bigastro continue as Aurelio Murcia reproaches his former partner Charo Bañuls for hiring a new concierge.

Some time ago the council dismissed 30 of its workers under Expediente de Regulación de Empleo (ERE) and was taken to court. They ended up having to pay compensation to 20 of the sacked workers. Cases for the remainder are ongoing.

Specifically, Murcia complains that a) the new worker is the brother of a member of Bañuls family and so is related to the mayor b) the position was for a concierge in the auditorium and sports centre but the person hired is working in the health centre taking the place of a disabled employee who was dismissed c) the recruitment did not follow regulations because the hired person had not demonstrated their merit above others and d) hiring new staff in municipalities facing debt is forbidden.

Since the town is negotiating for the readmission of the disabled employee, Murcia says they could end up having to pay two salaries for the same post.

There is no love lost between the political parties in Bigastro. The socialist leader is facing charges in court set out by the PP, the liberals now make further accusations of the PP. It is only the socialists and the liberals that seem to be getting on with each other – at the moment that is!

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