Monday, April 21, 2014

Did we wake you?

It was early doors for me yesterday. The alarm went off at 6:15 but it needn’t have bothered because I was already awake. By 7am I was down in the Plaza de Constitución with my video camera ready to film the Encuentro.

4823318528-3948858 As the clock struck 7:15, it all started with the statue of Mary leaving the church, then it was the turn of Jesus. Each was processed along their respective routes until they met up on Calle San Pascual – Jesus arrived first followed by Mary in her widows weeds.

As she saw her son had arisen, the black cloak was removed, she was given a silver corona and the fireworks started.

The two were then taken back to the church via Calle Purisima. At the corner of Calle 1 de Mayo, both were showered with rose petals. As they approached the pathway down to the Plaza de Constitución, there were flares either side to welcome them.

Then there was another salvo of fireworks as the two were taken back into the church. At 8:15, is sat down outside the VaiVen for a smoke and then returned home.


Some of the few photos I took to use in my video.


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