Tuesday, April 01, 2014

All change on our estate

Bigastro have decided to rename the streets on our estate to honour the present councillors who make up the governing team.

calle Calle Cañada Andrea  will become Calle Bañuls Rodríguez, Calle Alemania will become Calle Belmonte Adsuar, Calle Inglaterra will become Calle Sarmiento Juan, Calle Holanda will become Calle González Perales and  Calle Francia will become Calle Sáez Marcos. Calles Italia, Le Vigan and Cisano Sul Neva will remain the same as will Calle Irlanda which would have become Calle Murcia González if Aurelio had not been expelled from the government team.

The new signs will be in place next month. Residents are advised to notify all interested parties as soon as possible.

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