Saturday, April 26, 2014

Object of desire

Those of you with deep pockets, an eye to luxury and a desire to own something unique should look no further.  Leica’s answer to the growing compact system camera market is aimed at those who want to step up from using their mobile phone to take pictures.

The body of the Leica T camera is crafted from a block of aluminium in much the same way that Apple make their MacBook Pro. There are very few dials to worry about, the control is achieved via a 3.7 inch touchscreen at the back.

With the new Leitz Summicron T 23mm f/2 APSH lens, it will set you back £2,700. The case is extra!

What you get is German engineering at its very best. These cameras are largely handbuilt and although the lens is made in Japan, it is not from the Panasonic factory. It is a genuine Leica lens which means it oozes a kind of quality that other manufacturers dream of.

Available to pre-order from Stephens in Manchester. 

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