Sunday, March 01, 2015

A close call

Untitled-1As I have said before, my son-in-law is a die hard Manchester United fan and so he has nervously watched the changing fortunes of his club this season. They have hovered around the top four places for awhile now which is realistically where they would hope to be.

Following their 2-0 win over Sunderland, United are in 3rd place with 50 points from their 27 games. However, apart from Southampton, who are 4 points behind, the other contenders for the top four places all have a game in hand.

Today, Manchester City travel to Liverpool. Both teams had disappointing games in Europe this last week so may be either dispirited or fired up to win – who knows. Apart from their loss to Besiktas, Liverpool have been successful in their games of late. Before their Barcelona game, Manchester City put 5 goals into the net against Newcastle. It is kind of neck and neck.

With Liverpool on the up and posing a risk to United’s top four place, you could argue that David would favour City to win today. On the other hand a win for Liverpool would keep United within 5 points of City. Perhaps a draw with a point each would be the best outcome.

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