Monday, March 02, 2015

A fragile situation

Untitled-1Not sure why I am posting another story about football since I know so little about the game but here goes.

This is the situation after the weekend. Liverpool beat Manchester City bringing them within 2 points of United. Arsenal beat Everton allowing them to jump into 3rd spot - 2 points ahead of United. United are back into 4th place.

Looking at the week ahead:

Chelsea play West Ham. Fired up from their Capital One cup win, I doubt that Chelsea will have any trouble there.

Manchester City play bottom placed Leicester and even though they had a bad week, I don’t think we’d expect them to lose that one.

Liverpool face 18th placed Burnley. Looking at Liverpool’s form that game should not be difficult for them.

Arsenal are away to QPR who are in 17th place so a betting man would back the Gunners to win there.

Finally we have United who face Newcastle, currently lying in 11th place 15 points shy of the lads from Manchester. In the past, that would have been an easy game for the Reds but not anymore. United have been so inconsistent this season that anything could happen. A lot depends upon who Van Gaal decides to play and in what formation.

So there you have it, my in depth analysis of the situation at the top of the Premier League. I hope that Carol Thorpe found it more interesting than my posts about cameras!

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