Sunday, March 01, 2015

Drunk in charge of a pair of feet

An article in the Guardian newspaper tells us that Spain is considering a proposal to crack down on what they call dangerous walking. The Director General of Traffic plans to introduce breathalyser tests for pedestrians who are caught staggering down the street. There is also the suggestion of an off-road speed limit for joggers.

The Guardian goes on to suggest other “tongue in cheek” changes to the law; short-sighted people could be charged for leaving the house without their glasses, they could be fined for texting at the same time as walking, wearing eye catching clothing that would distract drivers might earn them a ticket and they could even be required to take an MOT to ensure that they are fit for walking. 

Whilst these changes to the law might seem absurd, there is evidence to show that not all accidents that involve pedestrians are the fault of drivers.

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