Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back to Manchester

I know it is hard to believe because it was only a few weeks since we were last here. This time it is to see our granddaughter Molly in a dance show.

The build up has been going on for months with many rehearsals taking place to ensure that every child knows exactly where they should be and what they should do.

Yesterday was the final rehearsal in costume and the pressure was showing with Molly. She complained that her mouth was hurting even though there was nothing wrong with it. First thing, the poor child was in meltdown but recovered in time to go the theatre.

The show was fantastic with every child that performed being a star including Molly. It all ran as smooth as the proverbial Swiss watch.

Howver, when we collected Molly to take her home, she was back into meltdown. Everything was wrong by this time, she even said that people were laughing at her during the performance which of course was not true.

One relevant issue was that Molly had forgotten to eat any of the food that Laura had prepared for her and when Molly is hungry, she is inconsolable. Six hours with just a Pepperoni and a bite out of a sandwich was not good.

One the one hand, you felt so sorry for her because this was supposed to be a wonderful experience. On the other hand, you know that her life will be peppered by similar incidents where she is under pressure and that she will have to learn to ride them.

It is hard being 5 years old isn't it?

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