Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wall art

murales (6)The Murals of San Isidro in Orihuela is now in its fourth year. There are already 135 murals that have been painted on walls. This year another 42 will join them painted by 103 artists and nine of the new murals will be painted by graffiti artists. 

Although the theme of the works will be Miguel Hernandez, there are likely to be murals that depict the loss of social rights and freedom along with anti political themes.

The event will be inaugurated on Friday at 4:30pm at the college Jesús María de San Isidro  next to the mural of Guernica that you can see in the photo. From 5pm, the artists will start their work.

Apart from the painting of the murals, there will be music in the street with concerts including rock, pop, and flamenco at three different sites< There will also be a craft fair on Sunday with 103 stalls and of course, food on hand for the painters. Let us hope the forecasters got the weather wrong otherwise it will be a washout.


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