Tuesday, March 03, 2015

We count ourselves lucky

Yesterday we had three visitors (actually four because Sheila called at the gate on her dog walking route). The other three were Spanish friends.

First off was Ana who used to teach us Spanish. We made good friends with Ana and her family and keep in close contact. Ana came round to bring presents for our granddaughter Molly who will be 5 on Thursday. She also brought a present for our grandson Rory.

Then Eloy, the father of the young lady who was the Fiesta Queen last year, arrived late afternoon. Remember that I took photos of Patricia and said I didn’t want to be paid. Well, they brought us gifts instead and yesterday Eloy returned with large boxes of oranges and lemons.

Last night Estefania, Pamela’s physiotherapist arrived with more presents for Molly and Rory.

Just as well we are only going over for a few days, with all these presents there will be hardly any room for clothes in our cases.

We do have many more Spanish friends who have made us feel welcome here. Top of our list must come our neighbours Eladia,  Pepe and family and of course Juan our hairdresser. There are many others though who have shown their appreciation for the photographs that I take and those that we have met in the town.  

As I said in the title, we count ourselves lucky to have arrived here as foreigners and be made so welcome by so many local people. A big thank you to all of you for making us feel at home. 

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