Friday, March 13, 2015

Bargain basement housing

The housing market here on the Costa Blanca has rebounded. Figures show that 27,879 houses were sold last year and 88% of those sales were from the resale market. The explanation for this surge in interest comes in the form of the average price paid which was 117,639 euros (2,000 euros less than the year before). The average price for a new house was 177,838 euros.

Let me put these figures into context for my British readers, 117,639 euros equals £83,971.50 at current exchange rates and 177,838 euros equals £126,941.90.

According to data from Zoopla, the current average price of a home in England is £277,678, detached houses average at £392,593, semis at £236,185. terraced at £220,303 and flats at £273,939. With £83,971 in your pocket, you would be struggling to find a terraced house in England even in inner city areas like Liverpool. 

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