Friday, March 13, 2015

More choices

The rise of alternatives to the bipartite politics of Spain continues.

We saw the popularity of left wing Podemos during the European elections. Now there is a right wing alternative.

Internet-savvy and fronted by a charismatic 35-year-old with a fondness for pushing boundaries, Cuidanos (Citizens) has rocketed up the polls in recent months and captivated political analysts.

Staunchly opposed to Catalan separatism and deeply committed to the EU, Ciudadanos recently announced that after nine years in Catalan politics it would field candidates across the country for upcoming municipal, regional and general elections. It swiftly climbed in the polls and now sits neck and neck with Podemos, the governing People’s party and the opposition Socialists.

As the party pushes forward with its national expansion, the number of Spaniards who intend to vote for Ciudadanos has more than doubled from 8% in January to 18% in the latest Metroscopia poll for El País.

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