Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A day I'd rather forget

Yesterday I decided it was time to tackle the ever growing bushes in my garden. Foolishly, I left it until the sun was at its highest. Two and a half hours later, I started to feel dizzy, sat down and then passed out. The next thing I knew Pam was shouting at me as I came around. I then flaked out a second time and then awoke to find ambulance men standing by me.

After my trip to Vega Baja, I was taken into an emergency room where they performed every kind of test you can imagine. Blood analysis, ECG, a check over followed by a full body scan and a head scan. At one point, I had a cannula in each arm with a drip to each, oxygen to my nose, electrodes all over my chest and arms attached to an ECG monitor and a catheter to by pass my enlarged prostate. I asked Pam to take a photo just as a reminder but she wouldn't.

I stayed in overnight and had further tests including a blood analysis and another ECG. Sleeping was difficult especially when they brought in another patient to the room at what seemed like the middle of the night.

This afternoon the doctor visited me and gave me his verdict. I need to drink more, only work in the coolest part of the day. The other thing I was told was that your blood pressure is usually lower in the heat. I was advised to monitor it and only take my medication if it is necessary.

Although I'd rather put the experience out of my mind there are two lots of people who I owe a lot to. First of all my neighbours Eladia and Joaquin who came to my help immediately they were told. I really can not thank them enough.

The other group were the staff at the hospital who were efficient, not phased, polite and extremely helpful. I could not recommend the food but the service was first class.

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Pete said...

It sounds awful Keith. A good day to put behind you and I'm glad you're safely home again.