Thursday, August 20, 2015

A special mention

Some people are Christian and others are truly Christian.

Yesterday, when I was about to be discharged, Sheila Rowlands and a friend came to visit me at my bedside. It wasn't that she had heard I was in hospital, Sheila visits the hospital on a regular basis to comfort the English speaking people there and to offer them magazines and puzzle books to keep them occupied during their stay.

Giving up your time to help and comfort others is a truly Christian act for which I very much admire Sheila. I know that she regularly reads this blog and so will know what I have said about her.

I dare say some would regard writing this blog to be a Christian act because it helps to inform others about what is going on in our town. I don't get paid for this, nor do I get paid for taking the photos that I post on here and on Facebook for people to enjoy.

Each of us needs to find some way in which we can help others, Sheila has found hers and I suppose I have found mine.

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cobwebapplesnownest said...

What on earth has her kind action got to do with religion? What has her interest in you to do with an invisible, unproven, supernatural figment of your imagination?

The woman was a humanist, pure and simple. And kind with it.

That's all.