Monday, August 24, 2015

Great service

Sods law - last time the family came out the plastic dome on the pool filter exploded spilling water into the pool box. A quick visit to the pool shop and I had a new part to fit. It actually took me three goes to get a good seal because I was wary of over tightening the nuts that hold it down.

We have family out tomorrow so guess what? Yesterday the valve that distributes the water in the pool box started leaking. At first it was just a drip but soon turned into a steady trickle. It could have been the seal that had gone or possibly a hairline crack in the casing. I wasn't taking chances so switched the pump off and shut down all the valves.

We could still swim in the pool but without the water turning over and chlorine dosing into it things would have gotten bad. The water could well have turned green.

I needed a quick solution so I emailed Gary Liney who lives on our estate and asked if he could help me.

His response was fast and positive. Gary was going to the pool shop this morning and would pick up a new part for me. He would then come to my house after lunch to fit it. True to his word, Gary arrived and exchanged the faulty valve of a new one.

Now those of you who have a pool like ours will know that there are five connections to the valve and that to assemble the valve you need to connect various pipes most of which require a fair bit of  PTFE tape and one which is a glued joint.

It goes without saying that there is the potential for a leak from one of those joints and sure enough, not longer after Gary left, the joint between the return to the pool and the valve started dripping. I emailed Gary to let him know. To be fair I was not expecting him to come back to sort it out until at least tomorrow.

I was wrong because within half an hour Gary was back with his wrench to see if the joint just needed tightening. Less than half a turn and all was well, the joint, like all the others was perfectly dry and has stayed dry.

Now there may be others living here that service pools on our estate but as far as I know, Gary is the only one who is legal. He has a lot of experience and knows the trade secrets to keep your pool in tip top condition.

There are plenty of pool companies that operate in this area as you might expect, some are better than others. Some are so busy that you might have to wait a week or more to get them out. Gary worked his magic for me, got me out of a scrape and so I am pleased to highly recommend him.

If you don't know Gary, send me an email at and I will either pass on your details or send you his details whichever is most convenient.

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