Monday, August 17, 2015

Over for another year

It seems that no sooner does the Fiesta start, it is all over. Today, the Comparsa, La Murga, will finish things off in Calle Purisima.

The statue of the patron saint, San Joaquin, was paraded around the streets of the town in a solemn procession last night. On return to the church there was a grand firework display (see my album of photos).

There have been many memorable moments from this year, more for some than for others. Pam and I always set out with the intention of attending more of the events but then age beats us. For example, we would have liked to have watched the dance show last night but then the thought of waiting in the town square for over two hours and staying up until the early hours of the morning somehow lost its appeal.

One thing for sure, we can say that the Fiesta Commission did a grand job. We have to remember that they have a lot less money to work with than the commissions of the past. To even put on a fiesta was a great challenge for them, a challenge that they met head on and overcame. Well done!

I should also like to offer my personal thanks to all those involved this year, not just the commission but all the others who helped in many different ways. I hope that my photos will help them remember this week in August when the sleepy town of Bigastro came alive and partied.


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Unknown said...

Bien dicho Keith y como siempre grandes fotos de un evento maravilloso!! Un abrazo, Christopher y Kim. xx