Monday, August 10, 2015

Sleepy eyes

Last night, the Commission de la Fiesta organised a dinner dance for the over 50s at the Plaza Concordia so Pam and I asked Alberto to reserve us places.

First let us talk about the cost, 5 euros per person for a night of entertainment. We also managed to spend a further 4 euros on drinks and 2 euros on raffle tickets. To save you the maths that worked out at 16 euros for a night out for both of us. You could not have got better value for your money if you tried.

What did we get?

Well first of all we had a a meal comprising, a starter of meats and cheese, a plate of tuna and tomatoes, langostines, gazpacho soup, baked potatoes with garlic mayonnaise, bread rolls with sausages or black pudding, a dessert with meringue on top, custard and almond crumble underneath called "Gloria".  There was a continuous supply of drinks throughout the meal - beer, water and soft drinks and I dare say you could have had wine if you wanted.

As we were eating the bocaditos, it started to drizzle with rain - nobody moved - we all sat there and enjoyed the refreshing relief from the heat of the day. When the rain became heavier we all retired under whatever shelter there was until it stopped. There was no way we were going to miss out on the dessert and the entertainment to follow.

Eventually it dried up, the members of the Commission brought us paper towels to dry the seats and so we were able to enjoy the dessert.

The musical entertainment had been covered with large plastic sheets which were carefully removed and the fun began.

Pam and I left at about 1:30 leaving many still there partying hard.

There was no need to be concerned about where you sat, the people on our table soon started up conversations with us in both English and Spanish. They thought our Spanish was good and we were impressed by their command of English.  

Many thanks to the Fiesta Commision for organising the event and for working so hard to keep us happy (they acted as waiters and bar people for the night). 

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