Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chaos has arrived

It is great having the children and grandchildren over but they don't half make a smallish house look even smaller. Since we only have two bedrooms, the lounge has to double up as a third bedroom with an inflatable bed. Before that, the lounge was turned into a play area for both Molly and Rory. The floor and coffee table were covered with toys.

Since Molly and Rory are sleeping in the spare room where my desktop computer is housed, I am currently outside with my MacBook. Even then, I have just been told that the little pushchair that Molly wheels her doll around in needs fixing urgently. Molly has even brought me the keys to the shed where the tape is located. I have also been told that the inflatable bed needs deflating. That means that this post has to be curtailed DOH!

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