Friday, August 14, 2015

That was painless

Upgrading to a new operating system can be a right pain in the butt. First off, it can take forever to download. Then the installation can take well over an hour. Finally, you have to sort out everything so you can navigate your way around.

More often than not, there are applications that no longer work and devices that need drivers updating. The whole process can take days, even weeks to get things working as they were before.

Sometimes there is a compelling reason to update, for example if the existing system is a dog like Windows Millenium and Vista were. This machine though came with Windows 7 and it has worked like a dream from day one. Thankfully, I avoided Windows 8 and even 8.1 which proved to be hugely unpopular.

Now though, Microsoft have taken the unprecedented step of offering an upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge and for life - WOW!

They say and everyone seems to agree that is the best operating system that Microsoft have offered so this morning I took the plunge and installed it. The process took about half an hour and there were no reports of any errors as the changes took place to my computer.

It might take awhile to familiarise myself with the way it works and I know there are some features that I may never use but at least it works - well so far it does and it feels a bit snappier but that may be just subjective.  

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