Friday, May 24, 2019

A huge thank you

On behalf of my wife Pam, I should like to thank all of those residents who took the trouble to go up to the Restaurant La Pedrera for the meeting last night. It was very kind of you all to show such support for her candidacy.

I'd also like to thank Teresa Maria Belmonte Sanchez, Teresa Moya Moya and the other candidates for being there to answer questions and concerns that people have before the election on Sunday.

It has been a long while since the residents here have had an opportunity to make their voices heard, last night put that right. There were legitimate concerns raised which the Mayor listened to carefully. I firmly believe that the valuable points that people raised will not be ignored and will, where possible, be acted upon in due course

As I said last night, Teresa has worked long and hard to improve the town and resurrect it from the mess that is was in. She strikes me as one of those rare politicians that actually put the needs of the the town before their own personal political ambitions.

I will certainly be voting for her and I hope you do too. Thank you all once again for turning up and supporting Pamela.

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